You can’t scare Jim Landtroop.
Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
Jim Landtroop has proven his commitment to supporting agriculture and rural Texas… We are proud to call him a friend, and are committed to helping his campaign.
Texas Farm Bureau
Jim Landtroop knows firsthand the importance of protecting the Second Amendment
This courageous freshman Rep. Landtroop proved himself an invaluable resource to the pro-life cause.
Texas Right to Life
Jim Landtroop proved he was a consistent, common-sense conservative who put the principles of his voters ahead of the special-interest lobby in Austin.
Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of Texans for Fiscal Responsibilty
He hit the ground running to become one of the most effective freshman Texas legislators in years.
Plainview Daily Herald
I can always count on conservative Representative Jim Landtroop to stand by my side as I challenge Obamacare, EPA and other threats to States’ Rights from the federal government’s over-reaching power grab.
Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General