LUBBOCK – Former State Representative and Candidate for House District 84 Jim Landtroop picked up the coveted Texas Right to Life PAC endorsement.

Texas Right to Life Director Elizabeth Graham enthusiastically spoke about Landtroop’s tireless efforts on behalf of the unborn.

“During his time in the Texas House of Representatives, Jim Landtroop achieved a solid record of protecting the sanctity of human life.  In addition to carrying Pro-Life amendments, Representative Landtroop co-authored all the major Pro-Life bills and worked to ensure passage.  In 2011, Representative Landtroop was involved in Texas Right to Life’s successful strategy to remove funds from the abortion industry and reallocate those funds to health care programs that serve a broader population.  Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee proudly endorses election since we know that we can always count on him to stand with us on behalf of life.”

Speaking about his stance on life, Landtroop said “life is ordained by God and as such we must defend it from conception to natural death. If we can’t get this issue right, how can we ask His favor on other critical issues.”

Humbled by the endorsement, Landtroop continued, “we did a lot of good things in the 82nd legislature including balancing a budget deficit by cutting spending rather than raising taxes, and passing a Photo Voter ID bill. But the thing I am most proud of is the work we did on behalf of Texas’ most vulnerable citizens – the unborn. Because of the hard work of organizations like Texas Right to Life and a handful of passionate pro-life legislators, multiple Planned Parenthood Clinics shut their doors. The Texas Right to Life PAC endorsement is truly one of the most coveted endorsements and I’m thankful for their support.

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